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Declutter your World


Declutter Your World

For some reason, we as a society love to buy, collect and own STUFF.  I’m the first to admit how much I love shopping, but the items we buy come with a price.  Not only does it cost us financially, but we also have to find places to store it.

Having just moved from a very large house to a tiny house, I have obviously gotten rid of a lot of STUFF.  I’ve always disliked clutter, but I’ve had to re-evaluate even more what possessions I want to keep in my home with very little space.

Have you heard of the new turquoise “bible” on decluttering called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up:  The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” by Marie Kondo?  It’s become an extremely popular new craze, and Marie Kondo’s services have commanded a long waiting list.  One King’s Lane recently summarized the book in eight “easy” steps to help us all get rid of some of the STUFF in our life:

  1.  Tackle Categories, Not Rooms
  2. Respect your belongings
  3. Nostalgia is not your friend
  4. Purging feels so good!
  5. Fold, Don’t hang
  6. Learn the Proper folding technique
  7. Fall in love with your closet
  8. Rediscover Your style

You can read more about the book in depth here and here.



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