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{Homekeeping}: Winter Edition

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I think I mentioned before in an earlier blog post how much I love to read home keeping manuals. Part of residential interior design is thinking about all the  aspects of how a home should function–including organization, cleanliness and preparedness.   This will be a four-part series of blog posts on home keeping  as it relates to the four seasons.

Winter can be especially hard on a home with the extreme cold temperatures as well as the mud and snow that can be tracked in.  One of the goals of winter (aside from the challenge of trying to keep a home clean) is to make it cozy and inviting as well.  Here is a list of six home keeping tips that can help keep you and your home in great shape for the season.

Winterize your entryway
-Make sure to use a rough mat outside the front door to wipe off mud and snow and keep it from entering the house

Have a Firewood supply
-You never know when power outages will happen, so it’s a good idea to have a fresh supply of firewood on hand for emergencies.  In cases of nonemergency, having a fire in a fireplace can be cozy and inviting.

Stock up on candles
-Candles can be romantic, especially in the dark cold days of winter, but they are also a great source of light during power outages.  Make sure you have a stocked supply to last.

Pantry (clean, reorganize and stock)
-Pantries should be cleaned out and organized periodically to throw away expired food and to take stock of items on hand as well as items that are needed.  It’s always a good idea to have enough food stored in case of emergencies.

Stock up on winter linens
-A good way to save on your heating bill is to stock up on blankets during winter.  Not only can your bed be layered with flannel sheets and heavier blankets, but throw blankets can be used in family and living rooms as well

Plan for Spring
-When the long dark months of winter seem to drag on, one way to combat that is to start planning vegetable garden for Spring.  You can even get a jumpstart on your garden by growing seedlings inside to transplant later





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