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How To Make Home A Reflection of Who You Are

“A house is very nearly a living thing if only because the family is its soul.”–Nancy Young

Have you ever been curious to look inside someone’s home if only to see if the home reflects that person’s personality?  I guess it’s my inquisitive side because I absolutely love to peak into other people’s homes.  Homes are like people–there are no two alike so going into somebody’s home is like getting to know a person better.

What better way to express your true self than in the place you spend most of your time? We all have someplace that is uniquely ours–whether it’s a dorm room, an apartment, a rental house, or a home that we get to make our own.    The challenge is to make it unique and a reflection of who you are.  It’s easy to go into a store and pick out the latest trend to bring home, but your home should be so much more than that.

It should be an accumulation of your memories, your experiences, your interests and your families’ needs.  Take pride in your home and make it your own!   I’ve got some great ideas I’m going to be incorporating into my home over the next few months that I will be sharing.  Hopefully it will spark some creativity for you as well.

Sorry about the lack of pictures of my own home….with the flood, our house is a disaster, and all our possessions are stacked everywhere.  As soon as it’s back to normal, I’ll post some pictures.

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