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Huckleberry Goodness

Huckleberry Goodness

Huckleberry Goodness

My family goes to Yellowstone National park every year, and my favorite souvenir to bring home is anything huckleberry.  The ice cream is the absolute best when I’m there, but jam and syrup are fun to bring home and remind me of the memories there.  Huckleberries are rare berries native to the northwest, and specifically the Rocky Mountains. They are not commercially grown, so the crop is dependent on rain, climate, and weather.  Huckleberries are all handpicked and are similar to blueberries, though they are a little sweeter and richer.  I made some homemade buttermilk biscuits to go with my jam.  Talk about huckleberry goodness!

What’s your favorite flavor of jam?

Huckleberry Goodness Huckleberry Goodness


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