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Site Plan for The Turnaround House

The Turnaround House Site Plan Rendered

Site Plan For The Turnaround House

Site plans are architectural landscape designs showing a bird’s eye view of your home and property.  They are often included in construction drawings, and many people use them when planning their landscaping.

I thought it would be fun to create a site plan for The Turnaround House.  Our site plan shows the current design as well as some ideas we will be doing in the future.  The one thing I haven’t included on there is a pool–not that we have one, but it is at the top of Andy’s wish list!!  I also enlisted the help of my daughter, Emily,  in hand rendering our site plan (she is a pre-interior design major starting at Utah State University this Fall).  She did an amazing job!

My next blog post will show you how you can make a site plan for your own home as well. Here are some examples of site plans below.  My favorite are the hand-rendered ones.


4058476079_8130529623 a23839005bd2b31140033beb938a24f6 (1) f1a79ae335bdb025df5210fbef83622b hand_rendered_plan_drawing_by_artzierush-d6s1zov

site plan



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