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Home Should Be a Sanctuary

“If we could make our house a home, and then make it a sanctuary, I think we could truly find paradise on Earth.”–Alexandra Stoddard

Home Should Be A Sanctuary

I read this quote recently and started thinking a lot about home.  What is it that makes home a sanctuary?  I know that not everyone’s home can be considered a place of refuge or safety.  There are people I know who never want to be home, but I find nothing makes me happier than staying home or coming home after a long day.

When I first got married, my dad gave me a blessing and counseled me that it was my responsibility to make a wonderful home that is full of love and that had a good atmosphere.  Since then I’ve tried to follow this advice for my family.  After doing a lot of thinking and soul-searching, I’ve discovered there are several ways you can make your home a sanctuary:

Create a calm peaceful home–Avoid negative emotions and energy

De-Clutter–Decide what’s important in your life and get rid of the rest

Embrace household chores–Homes are a reflection of who you are

Bring nature indoors–Nature works great as therapy

Appeal to your senses–Create a welcoming atmosphere with lighting, candles, throws, etc.




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