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Keeping Fall


Keeping Fall

I love living in a place that has all four seasons.  I know a lot of people generally have their favorite season, but I think each season has something to offer.  And I especially like the idea of keeping to the seasons.

Now that Fall is here, there are so many great opportunities to gather from nature and enjoy the best that is has to offer.  A lot of these ways to incorporate Fall don’t cost anything–it’s just a matter of going outside.

Helpful Tips

Here are some ideas:

Gather Maple, Aspen, and Dogwood Branches for bright colorful Fall leaves and use as a table centerpiece.

Collect Acorns, chestnuts, pinecones, seedheads, wheat sheaves, flax, and cornstalks for Fall decor.

Display chrysanthemums, pumpkins, gourds, apples, and pears.

Designate an area for stacked firewood and incorporate it into your home decor.

Use heavier-weight fabrics including velvet, wool, cashmere, flannel, faux fur and tapestry throughout your home.

Use candles and firelight, especially in the evening, to create ambience.




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