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Ambience With Candlelight

“Give me candlelight evenings, early darkness, a silent street.”–Natalie Crow


Ambience of Candlelight

There is nothing better than staying inside when the weather turns cold enjoying the comforts of home with roaring fires and candlelight.  Because daylight hours are short, it can be reassuring and comforting to provide additional light and ambiance to your home.

Everyone has their favorite seasonal candle scent that they like to use (pumpkin spice, anyone?) but plain white tapers grouped together and arranged around the room are also great because they don’t overpower the room with scents but provide a lot light.

I start stocking up on candles in the early Fall, and we also spend several months cutting down firewood from the mountains to last all winter.  In our farmhouse, Andy lights a fire every night and we all sit around it every evening.  It’s something we all look forward to and enjoy.  It’s one of my favorite parts of Fall…

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