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Making Your Home Liveable

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Making your Home Liveable

“Houses just feel much better as they get lived in.  That’s really what we all want –for people to live in all the rooms of a home.”–Suzanne Kasler

I love the above quote by Suzanne Kasler because I’ve experienced both situations where I’ve lived in every square inch of my house, and the other scenario where I didn’t see a lot of the rooms of my house on a daily basis because there was no need.  Who really needs that much room?

When I lived in my “McMansion,” I loved all the space, but at the same time,  I was overwhelmed by it all.  In the few short years I lived there, I couldn’t furnish, maintain or clean it as well as I should have.  The rooms I spent the most time in were obviously cared for and loved, but there’s only so much of me and there was so much of the house.

I’ve had to learn how to live differently in my current 1,900 square foot home.  When you go through a divorce, you tend to overhaul your life anyway, but there is a change in mindset as well with smaller homes.  Do I really need to buy that?  Where will I put it?  It’s very refreshing to live with less “stuff” and focus on what’s important.

The average size of the American house is now 2,400 square feet, with only Australia building bigger houses.  Obviously with larger families, homes do need to be bigger, but I think there is a growing trend of wanting smaller more manageable homes–.at least better designed homes for the square footage.

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