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Relationship with your Home

Relationship With Your Home

“The greatest relationships are the ones you never expected to be in.”–Unknown

Have you ever noticed that when you first move into your house, you both feel like complete strangers who are a bit uncomfortable with your constant togetherness?  Just likes relationships, it takes awhile to establish familiarity with each other and understand each other’s personalities.

Since Andy and I moved into  The Turnaround House a year and a half ago (our 100 year old farmhouse in Utah), we’ve gotten to know her quite well.  At first she tried to scare us away with her age.  She had an internal sickness (radon), but we paid a fortune to fix that problem.  Then she had plumbing “issues” and filled one of our bathrooms with sewage. We persevered, though, and were determined to make it work with her.  Later she decided to scare us with a broken air conditioner two summers in a row, but again we wouldn’t give up.  She’s tried one last ditch effort to test our steadfastness with a flood in the basement, but we remain committed to her.

AT LAST we have come to an understanding.  She demanded a facelift from us, and we agreed with her on the condition that there not be any more drama or “problems.”

Glad that’s settled now!



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