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A Tale of Two Opposites


“Your success as a family, our success as a society, depends not on what happens in the White House, but on what happens in your house.”–Barbara P. Bush

A Tale of Two Opposites

There are some careers where you learn a lot about marital relationships–therapists, clergy, realtors and interior designers (to name a few).  As interior designers, we are involved in the process of designing, building and creating homes.  Because we work so closely with couples, the dynamics of a marriage become apparent and its eye opening to see each person’s role in the marriage.

When Andy and I were looking to buy a house, our realtor made the same observations to me about how she could really see the dynamics of a relationship as couples looked at houses.  I remember her commenting to us how different she thought Andy and I were but also how complementary we were together.  Andy and I can be so alike, yet we are so different.  I want to live in the mountains; Andy wants to live on the beach; I prefer Fall, whereas he prefers Summer; I am 5′-4″ and he is 6′-4″; He experienced life to the fullest growing up,  and I grew up sheltered and naive.

Yet we are drawn to each other and make it work like so many couples that are opposite.  He takes care of all the yucky hard stuff and makes everything function at home and in our relationship, whereas I take care of all the pretty.  We try not to take each other for granted and are both appreciative of what the other does.  As with all opposites, we have our issues, but life is definitely better because we are together!




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