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How To Organize Your Home

How to Organize Your Home

I have a confession to make–I love to organize!  Nothing makes me happier than cleaning, organizing, and de-cluttering my home.  I learned these skills growing up when my family moved every three-four years.  Since I’ve moved 18 different times in my life, I’ve really been able to refine my organizing skills.  In this blog post, I’m going to share tips on how to organize your home.

My System of Organization

Obviously you don’t need to move to organize your home.  I’m going to share with you my system of organizing home so you can do the same.

Break It Down Into Easy Steps

Step 1:  Start with one room at a time.
If you are trying to tackle the whole house at once, it will get too overwhelming and you’ll quit.  Just pick one room and focus on it.

Step 2:  Sort, Donate, and Throw Away.
Get three trash bags.  Use one for items to be thrown away; one for items to donate; and one for the items you’re unsure about.  The third category is the hardest.  If you’re unsure about something, put it in the bag and set it aside.  Later, look at it again, and decide if you want to keep it.  Remember the whole goal is simplify your life and home by getting rid of “stuff.”  If you don’t use the item on a regular basis, get rid of it unless it’s a family heirloom or holiday decor.

Step 3:  Organize with Cohesiveness.
Buy multiples of baskets, canisters and totes.  These are great for pantries, closets, cupboards and shelves.  If you don’t have a mudroom, keep baskets to store shoes, hats, and scarves.  Canisters are also great for pantry staples and pre-packaged food.  You can see my posts on pantries here and here).  

Step 4:  Label Everything.
The label maker is your friend!  If you label all your baskets, canisters, and totes, it will help everyone to know where to put things.  If you are looking for some cute labels, you can find some at my Etsy shop.  

Step 4:  Go Paperless.
There’s no point in saving paper copies of tax returns, bank statements, and other important documents.  Just save electronic copies on your computer where they are easy to find.  Having a home printer/scanner also makes it easy to store papers electronically.

Step 5:  Buy a Hardrive.
Like most people, we have hundreds of movies and CDs we’ve collected over the years.  When we moved to our tiny farmhouse, we realized there was no place to put them so we bought a hard drive and hooked it up to our Smart TV.  Now we can watch our movies whenever we want without having to store them.



How To Organize Your Home

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If you are looking for some resources to help get organized, I’m listing my sources below.  Let me know how your organizing is going!

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