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Proper Guest Etiquette

How To Show Proper Guest Etiquette

I’ve realized that the more my life become technologically driven, the more I want to cling to old-fashioned ways of doing things like hand-writing thank you notes, setting a table correctly, and knowing proper etiquette.  Etiquette isn’t something that’s taught as much anymore (gone are the days of finishing school), but I think it’s important to know polite rules of society and practice them.  No time is better for practicing proper etiquette than when you are a guest at someone’s home.

Rules To Follow If you Want To Be Invited Back

Make your stay short and sweet.  No one likes it when a guest takes advantage of their stay–arrive and depart when you said you will and keep your visit short.

Bring a gift.  A nice bouquet of flowers or bottle of their favorite drink goes a long way in showing your appreciation.

Be self-sufficient.  Try and rent your own car so you can get around and don’t assume your host is there to entertain you.

Pick up after yourself.  Make your bed everyday and hang up your bath towel.  Keep your room tidy because it shows respect!

Know the rules.  Ask what time your hosts go to bed and get up in the morning.  Know what time they eat their meals so you can follow their schedule.

Be helpful.  Ask if you can help with anything, even if the host says no.

When you depart, be sure to strip you bed and fold all the dirty linen and towels and stack them at the foot of the bed.

Thank your hosts!  After your visit, hand write a thank you note showing your appreciation for your host and everything they did.

It’s so important to show proper guest etiquette when hosting a guest or being a guest at someone’s home.  Feel free to pin the handout below for future use and reference!!

Proper Guest Etiquette Takeaway


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