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Assemble Your Own Sewing Kit

Assemble Your Own Sewing Kit

My mom taught me how to sew when I was young, and although I don’t have time for it anymore, I used to sew a lot.  I’ve made clothes, pillows, and even drapery for my home.  Whether you sew or not, it’s always a good idea to have a sewing kit on hand for small emergencies like sewing on a button.  I’ve had several sewing kits over the years, but lost mine in the move so I’m starting over.  Since I’m already gathering supplies for mine, I thought I would share how to assemble your own sewing kit.

The Sewing Basket

The first thing you’ll need is a container to put all your supplies in.  I’m sure you’ve seen the fabric colored sewing baskets that are available at craft stores.  If you want to purchase one of those, some of them come with sewing supplies already provided.  I like a little more control over what I put in mine.  As far as the basket goes, you can use anything you want to hold your supplies.  I wanted something sturdy, plain, and with a handle to make it easy to carry.  The only thing I liked that fit that description ended up being a vintage Lady Baltimore train case. These overnight cases used to be popular in the 40’s and 50’s as luggage, but they also work really well as sewing kits. I found lots of cute options available on Etsy if you’re looking for something similar.

Sewing Supplies

Some of the supplies needed for your sewing kit include:
-Fabric scissors
-Needlework scissors
-Measuring Tape
-Sewing gauge
-Seam ripper

You can put other supplies in your sewing kit as well, but this will give you a good start.  Every home should be equipped for any kind of emergency, and assembling a sewing kit is a great start!

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