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 Hire A Homemaker Logo

The Logo

Thank you for all the positive feedback and comments on Hire A Homemaker!  I’m so happy that you’re as excited as I am!  I’ve been thinking about it a lot the last few months and am so happy that plans are finally underway to make it happen.  My main reason for starting Hire A Homemaker is because I’m so passionate about homemaking and want others to be as well!  My dream is to be able to help others who want to improve their home life and make their home better.  If I can use my skills, training, and passion to do this, nothing would make me happier!  Today on the blog, I thought it would be fun to share some behind the scenes on Hire A Homemaker logo.

Consistent Branding

Because Hire A Homemaker is going to be part of Creating Home, I want to keep the branding consistent so people know it’s the same company.   I asked the same graphic designer to do both logos, and we agreed to keep the text of the logo the same for each.   The only difference is that Hire A Homemaker has a silhouette to go with the text, unlike Creating Home which is only text.


The inspiration for Hire a Homemaker logo comes from my love of the 1950’s.  For the regular readers of my blog, you know how inspired I am from that era, and particularly my own grandmothers.  They were full-time homemakers during that time and I often look to them as an example.  I wanted the logo to convey the spirit of homemaking in a fun way vintage way.  I hope you like it!

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