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Return of The Calling Card

Return of The Calling Card

There was a time when rules of society were much more formal and strict than they are now.  Did you know that when women visited (or “called” on each other, they would often leave their calling card?  A message could even be conveyed simply by folding a corner of the card. Depending on which corner was folded, the message could could mean different things.  One meaning was that the visitor came in person; another meaning could be to offer congratulations or condolences.

Business Vs. Social Cards

Today, calling cards aren’t used for social occasions like they used to.  Some people use their business cards when meeting someone new, but even that’s not ideal.  Still others don’t have business cards so the idea of having a personal social card is even more important.  Don’t you think it be better to give a card to your new friend with all your contact information instead of just typing it into their phone?  Calling cards are a fun way to provide introductions, develop friendships, and even tell something about yourself.

Brand Yourself

Have you ever noticed that when you first meet someone, you automatically make judgments about them (whether you mean to or not)?  The same will be true of calling cards.   Calling cards are a way to brand yourself and convey your style without having to say anything.  Make sure the card is consistent with who you are.  Ask yourself some questions:  Are you classic?  Are you trendy?  Are you quirky?  Your card should reflect that.  If you want to learn more about branding and defining your style, you can click here.

What To Include

Your calling cards can include your name, address, cell phone, blog (if you have one), website (if you have one), and your social media names.


If you are looking for places to purchase calling cards, my favorites are Rifle Paper Company and Lobird.  The calling card I created for myself was based on caricatures I found on Rifle Paper Company.

Examples From Lobird








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