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Homemade Dish Covers For Outdoor Eating

Homemade Dish Covers

With warm weather finally here, one of our favorite family activities is eating outside.  There’s nothing better than eating on a back porch or taking a picnic lunch up to the mountains.  Not only does food taste better outdoors, but the views and atmosphere are hard to beat. One of the downsides to eating outside, however, is all the pesky flies and bees that food attracts.  A great way to fix this problem is by using homemade dish covers for outdoor eating.  They’re a great solution for this problem!  The idea for homemade food covers came from my favorite novel growing up, Anne of Green Gables.  Does anybody remember when Anne forgets to cover the plum pudding sauce when Miss Stacey comes for dinner?  These food covers are Anne-approved!!

Easy Personalized Solution

Homemade dish covers can be used to cover jugs, pitchers, food dishes, or bread.  What’s so great about them is they can be as decorative or plain as you like, but they’re very practical.  You just have to decide how much effort you want to put into them.  Homemade dish covers can be made of linen with crocheted edges and weights on the corner, or they can be made with a simple cotton fabric.  The key is to have the corners weighted down so the wind doesn’t blow them off.


If you want the homemade food covers to cover a specific dish or pitcher, you can always custom make one to the exact dimensions you want. If you want to make a few generic sized food covers that can work with most items, you can do that as well.  For the weighted corners, you can use something decorative such as filigree ornaments (used to create jewelry) to create weight.  Or you can use something hidden in the seams such as fishing weights, lead weights, coins and washers to weigh the corners down.


Finally, I made two different kinds of dish covers.  One nicer food cover for special occasions, and a few casual ones for our camping trips this Summer.  The fancier one is made out of a vintage embroidered linen handkerchief that I inherited from one of my ancestors (approximately 11″ square).  I attached some decorative rings on the corners. The other food covers were made from a simple cotton fabric with lead weights in the corner. They’ll be perfect for this Summer!

I would love to know what you think!

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