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How To Simplify Your Summer Wardrobe

How To Simplify Your Summer Wardrobe

I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend celebrating all the women and mothers in your life!!  My family spoiled me with my favorite breakfast of Parisian crepes and homemade orange juice.  We also went up to Wellsville to have dinner with my parents and celebrate my Mom.  It was so nice!

How To Simplify Your Summer Wardrobe

I’m a planner by nature, so I guess it’s no big surprise that I like to choose what I’m going to wear each day and lay it out the night before. Especially on busy days when there’s a lot going on, I’ve found it saves me time in the morning.  Since my closet is so small, I can only keep seasonal clothes in there so it makes it easy to decide what to wear.  These days it consists mostly of dresses and skirts.  Today I’m going to share with you ways you can simplify your Summer wardrobe!

The Art of Purge

I’ve recently gone through all my drawers and closet to scale back and simplify my wardrobe.  I don’t wear half of what’s in my closets and drawers so there’s no point keeping what’s not being used.  Storage space is scarce here, so I’m constantly having to decide if something is really worth keeping.  I’ve also realized that with a manageable amount of clothing, I wear a lot more because I can see what I’ve got. When things are jammed so tightly into my closet, it’s hard to navigate through everything so I only wear what’s visible.

Hardware Solution

Finally, I hung a pretty antique brass hook in my bedroom so I can hang what I’m going to wear the next day.  It’s sure simplified things!  Do you decide ahead of time what you’re going to wear each day?  I’d love to hear about your system!

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