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Interior Designer For Your Home

Interior Designer For Your Home

One of the new services I’m proud to be offering through Hire A Homemaker is an interior designer for your home.  Called The Francine Package, this service includes an interior design refresh for one room of your home.  What that means is I’ll help you create a personalized plan just for you!  It will be within the budget you want and will include the vision you want!  Sounds too good to be true, right?

Why You Want This Package

Interior Design can be very challenging and overwhelming!  Including the time I spent studying interior design at school, I’ve been doing this for six years.  I’ve learned over time that a lot of people feel helpless when it comes to design because there are so many choices available to them.  People want a style that reflects who they are as long as it’s within their budget.  What’s so great about The Francine Package is that it does all of that and more.  Having a professional make these educated choices for you takes all of the stress out of the process so it’s fun again!

What The Francine Package Includes

Included in The Francine Package is a furniture plan and sourcing for all of the following:


Once you have your personalized plan with everything selected, all you have to do is order everything!  If there’s anything you don’t like on the plan, there’s one revision available to make it just the way you want.  Because of the time commitment for this package, there’s only one spot available per month.  If this is something you’re interested in, book quickly to reserve you spot!

More Information

If you want more information about the interior design service, or you’d like to purchase The Francine Package, just click here.


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