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Mother’s Day Tradition

Mother’s Day Tradition

What do you have planned for Mother’s Day?  Does your family have a tradition of going out for brunch or having a family dinner?  I usually receive a planter basket of flowers to hang on my porch.  One popular Mother’s Day tradition that I love is serving breakfast in bed on a tray. The breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated.  It’s more of a thoughtful gesture that can include flowers and a card.  One easy breakfast to serve on a tray is a continental breakfast.

Continental Breakfast

I remember when I was on a study abroad trip in Paris, every morning we would walk to a hotel right down the street for a continental breakfast.  Even though we had the same food every time, it was simple but so delicious!  The continental breakfast consisted of a crusty warm baguette straight out of the oven, a jar of fresh jam, orange juice, and a pot of hot chocolate.  It was seriously heaven and something I still crave years later.  There’s something about those French boulangeries that make the best bread!

Instructions For Breakfast In Bed

If you want to make a continental breakfast for Mother’s Day, it’s very easy and anyone can do it (even young children).

All you need is the following:

-Fresh baguette (if you can get one from an a really good bakery, it’s even better)
-Jar of Mom’s favorite jam (homemade is preferable)
-Glass of freshly squeezed juice
-Cup of hot chocolate (in a pretty cup and saucer)
-Cloth napkin, single bud vase, favorite flower
-Pretty tray to serve the breakfast on

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