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Adventures In Homemaking

Adventures in Homemaking

Adventures In Homemaking

We celebrated Rachel’s 17th birthday a few days ago.  Since she’s not a big fan of cake, I made her some berries and cream tartlets for her birthday dessert instead (recipe here).  My family loves them, and they are so good!  Anyway, as I was gathering all the ingredients for the tartlets, there was one slight problem.  The ceramic pie weights I use were covered with mold!  They must have been put away when they were still damp the last time I used them. Even though it wasn’t a big deal (more of an inconvenience, really) it reminded me of some childhood books I read when I was growing up such as Nancy Drew and Adventures in Babysitting.  You know those “mysteries” and “crises” that aren’t a big deal, but they have to be solved by the end? This was my version…I was having adventures in homemaking!

Running A Household

When running a household, things are never perfect.  Sometimes there are major problems (like our house flood last year), and sometimes there are minor inconveniences like moldy pie weights that are needed to make a birthday desert.  But as my grandmother always told me, “things always work out in the end.”  For the berry tarts, I just used macaroni instead of the pie weights to keep the crust from rising too much while it was baking. But I did spend the next few hours trying to boil off mold and individually clean all the mold off the pie weights!  It was tedious, but they should be perfect for the next time I make a pie!  I’m hoping anyway…Here’s to a Summer of only minor inconveniences in Adventures in Homemaking!

Homemaking Magazine

Speaking of homemaking, have you had a chance to sign up for my monthly homemaking magazine yet?  The June issue just came out and it’s full of Summer homemaking tips!  I’ve been getting a lot of comments about it so I wanted to share some with you:

“Wow, what a fun issue!  I love all the fun pictures and the bright colors!  And your articles are fun to read.  I like how you put historical information into the little areas of the magazine, I find that very interesting.  Well done!”–Mindy

“Loved the magazine!!! Very fun!  Great pictures of everything!  I want to try the ice cream!  Great job!”–JoAnn

Finally, you can subscribe to the magazine here and get previous issues here.

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If you’re interested in the pie weights I was talking about, you can find them below:

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