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Dirty Jobs But Somebody’s Got To Do It

Dirty Jobs But Somebody’s Got To Do It

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that being a homeowner requires doing some pretty gross jobs.  Some of them just happen and some of them are man-made (or woman-made in this case).  I’m quite embarrassed to admit this, but not too long ago after we moved into our little farmhouse, my teenage daughter and I caused some serious plumbing problems.  We both had been flushing tampons, and you just can’t do that in a house that has plumbing going back almost 100 years!  I won’t tell you the horrors it caused, but my saint of a husband had to fix the problem and clean up the mess!  Believe me, I still feel awful about it and have learned my lesson!  I’ve realized there are dirty jobs but somebody’s got to do it.


Andy is a sweetheart and always tries to do the dirty jobs so I don’t have to.  I guess you can say he and I are a good team because we balance each other out.  He does all the hard dirty stuff and I try and make his life as easy as I can.  I feel like I get the better end of the deal, but he hasn’t complained!

My Turn To Help

Lately Andy has been really busy with work so I decided I wanted to help him with one of his hard dirty jobs.  We have an ancient wood-burning fireplace that we use daily in the Fall and Winter to help heat our home.  We had our last fire mid-May when the last snow storm hit. Now that Summer is here, however, it needed to be cleaned out.  I’ve never cleaned out the fireplace before, but I’ve seen Andy do it several times.  I have to tell you that I’ll never take him for granted again!  Cleaning out that fireplace was so hard and dirty!  I had ash all over me and kept breathing it in.  I had to lie on my stomach and reach my arm all the way in, and I still couldn’t reach the back of the fireplace.  Andy had to help me with his long arms, but I tried to do as much of it on my own as I could.  I’m just so grateful for Andy and all he does for me and our family!  I’m also really grateful it’s Summer and we won’t be using the fireplace for awhile!

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