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More Than Just Father’s Day

More Than Just Father’s Day

When I think of fathers, I picture the quiet steady men in the background who are always there.  Even after children have grown up and started their own lives, fathers still keep watch and are always ready to help, love, and provide any assistance needed.  Fathers remain fathers forever.  I like to think of this holiday as more than just Father’s Day.  It’s a way to honor the steadfast men who are selfless, kind, loving, and ever present.  They are true heroes in the eyes of their children!

My Own Father

My own father is about the most perfect man I know.  Not only has he taken care of his own family so well, but he helps others as well.  I remember one Summer when we were making our annual drive from Texas to Utah for vacation, there was a young family who’s car had broken down.  They didn’t have money, and there were little kids in the backseat who were hot and hungry.  My dad gave the family money and all the food and juice boxes we had packed for our trip.  He’s such a great example of a man who not only provides for his own family, but helps others as well. He’s the best father and man I know, and I’m so lucky to have him in my life!

More than just Father's Day


Another man who’s been an example of the best father is Andy!  For any of you who have blended families, you know how hard it is for step children.  Andy doesn’t have step-children.  All of these kids are his, and he treats them exactly the same way!  Andy takes pride in being a husband and father–those roles are really important to him.  Each week he’s in town, he tries to take the girls out on separate dates so he can have some one-on-one time with them.  He does the same thing while he’s in Elko every other week–going out to dinner with his son.  He makes everyone’s lives better because he loves and cares so much!  We’re so lucky to have him.

Happy Father’s Day to all you kind, loving, selfless men out there!  Our world is better because you’re in it!

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  1. Ah Charee, that was so nice and made me get teary eyed. Thank you so much and I know you will succeed in whatever you do. No one has the drive that you do my dear and precious daughter! I love you and I am honored to be your father as I am all my children and my adopted children (LOL!)
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