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Nostalgic Summers

Nostalgic Summers

Nostalgic Summers

As I sit here with the windows open listening to the sprinklers outside and smelling freshly cut grass, I’m immediately transported to my childhood.  For some reason, smells trigger memories for me.  The memory flash only lasts for a few seconds, but it make me long for the nostalgic Summers of my childhood.

Magical Childhood

Summer can be such a magical time for childhood.  With school on break, there seemed to be endless days stretching ahead of free time to play, dream, and explore.  When I was growing up, we didn’t have money for private lessons or activities so we just entertained ourselves. My siblings and I would always play together since we moved around so much.  Electronics weren’t a distraction either because kids didn’t have cell phones back then.  We had to rely more on our imaginations for play.  We used to walk to a little lake near our house and fish for perch. Sometimes we would ride our bikes to the convenience store to buy candy.  Our favorite activity, though, was making haunted houses.  My parents were very patient with us as we built forts, schoolrooms, and those haunted houses that we left up for weeks at a time.

Summer Activities

If you’re looking for Summer activities for your own kids, try some of these activities for good old-fashioned fun!

-Bike rides
-Jumping on the trampoline
-Making a lemonade stand
-Hop scotch
-Sleeping under the stars in the backyard
-Roasting s’mores
-Blowing bubbles
-Water balloon fight
-Kick Ball
-Summer reading challenge
-Learning a new skill or hobby
-Roller skating
-Making homemade ice cream
-Sewing starter kits
-Playing in the sprinklers
-Eating popsicles

Your Turn

What do your kids like to do in the Summer?  I’d love to know what you think, or if you have any suggestions?


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  1. Some great suggestions, we have been tempted to buy our daughter a trampoline for a long time, the one in the picture looks great as it has the safety net too.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Craig! I love any activity that gets kids (and adults) away from their electronics! We like to put a sprinkler under our trampoline in the Summer and jump with our swimsuits on!