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My 100 Year Old Farmhouse Is Haunted

My 100 Year Old Farmhouse is Haunted

My 100 Year Old Farmhouse Is Haunted

When you live in a really old house, there’s bound to be a ghost or two, right?  I have to admit that was my thought when we first moved into our home two years ago.  You see, I’m a big scaredy cat and am afraid of stuff like that!  Whenever we watch horror movies, I hide half the time because I get so scared.  I hear stories about people moving into older homes that are haunted, and I was really worried about ours.  For the first little while, it was fine and nothing happened.  Lately, though, I’m starting to think my 100 year old farmhouse is haunted!

The Friendly Ghost

So far, the favorite thing our ghost likes to do is turn on the upstairs water for the bathtub.  It’s probably happened about a dozen times now, but all of a sudden we’ll hear water running upstairs.  When we check to see what it is, the tub faucet will have been turned on and the water will be running full blast.  It’s very strange because none of us are around when it happens.  We can come back from running errands and find that the tub water has been running for hours with no one home.  Luckily our ghost is friendly and hasn’t done much more than that. Every once in a while, the basement door will slam and scare us, but if that’s all we have to deal with, I can handle it.


We’ve affectionately named our ghost, Josephina, because that was the name of the first owner of our home.  Josephina was part of a polygamous marriage because her husband also married their housekeeper and set her up in a bigger newer house up the street.  If I were Josephina, I’d probably be upset too.  One night Emily was home alone and couldn’t find any of us.  The windows of the house were open and there was a lot of slamming of doors, shutters, and metal shower curtain rods angrily falling to the floor.  It probably scared her a little because her immediate thought was, “the ghost is coming to get me!”

Here’s a picture of Josephina:

My 100 year old farmhouse is haunted

Do you live in a haunted house?  I’m not even sure mine is, but some things do seem very strange!  I’d love to hear about any experiences you’ve had.

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