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5 Ways To Create an Orderly Home

5 Ways to Create an Orderly Home
5 Ways To Create an Orderly Home

One of the challenges of homemaking is creating an orderly home where everything runs smoothly.  Often, we homemakers feel like it’s an uphill battle trying to keep our homes functional, presentable, and in order (especially when little kids are involved).  I’ve read A LOT of homemaking manuals and tried out several methods of ways to manage my home better.  After years and years of practice, I’ve finally got a system down that works and that helps me to be successful.  Today I’m going to share with you Five ways to create an orderly home.

1.  Get organized

The first and probably most important step is just to get organized.  If you’re not organized, nothing you do will work because you’ll be all over the place trying to get things done in a very inefficient manner.  One of the best ways to get organized is by having an all-encompassing planner for homemakers.  Whether it’s a physical or digital planner is up to you, but find one geared towards homemakers (if you can).  I just released the homemaking planner I’ve been using for years, and it’s really helped me get a better grasp on everything that needs to be done in my own home.  You can find The Homemaker’s Yearly Planner here.

2.  Stay Ahead of The Mess

I’ve learned over the years that it’s much easier to keep things picked up in the house as you go rather than have to clean up a disaster afterwards.  You can do this by having a regular cleaning schedule!  If you’re organized and have a schedule, you’ll already be ahead of the mess.  One of my favorite homemaking phrases is “Avoid putting twenty-five pounds of stuff in a five-pound house.”  In other words, de-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter!  One way of having an orderly house is simply by having less stuff to organize, clean, and display.  If it’s not part of the decor, put it away!  If you don’t love it and don’t have room for it, get rid of it!

3.  Make Lists

I try and start each day with a to-do list.  That way when I get up in the morning, I already know what I need to get accomplished.  Once that list has been tackled, the rest of the day is free for other pursuits.  Learn to be a list-maker because that’s where your success will come.  If you wake up in the morning without one, you’ll be behind and will get less accomplished.  Lists can include cleaning schedules for the day, menu items, grocery lists, and anything else you want to keep track of.  Use lists to help get yourself organized.

4.  Enlist Family’s Help

Just because you’re a homemaker doesn’t mean it’s a one-woman show and nobody else can help.  Make sure your family understands that in order for your home to be successful, everyone needs to help!  That includes all family members having chores and being accountable for their messes.  When I was growing up, my parents would have “weed-pulling parties” where everyone had to help pull weeds on Saturday mornings.  At the time, my brother and sisters and I hated pulling weeds, but my parents tried to give us incentive by taking us out to dinner and a movie afterwards.  Eventually children learn to take pride in their home and are proud of how they’re contributing.

5.  Have A Positive Attitude

Finally, have a positive attitude.  We all know how difficult and challenging homemaking can be, but at the same time, our attitude does make a difference.  Women largely determine the mood in the home so it’s up to us to be happy.  One way to do this is by not comparing ourselves to others.  It’s easy for women to compare the worst of herself to the best of someone else.  That’s only self-defeating behavior that doesn’t do anyone any good.  Be happy with what you have and make it the best you can!

I would love to hear how you create an orderly home!  Just comment below…

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