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Give The Gift of Wilma

Give the gift of Wilma

Give The Gift of Wilma

Do you ever struggle trying to think of a great gift for your wife, sister, mother, daughter, or friend?  If so, then I’ve got just the thing!  Wilma Magazine is a unique gift for all the women in your life.  It’s a monthly e-publication delivered the first of every month filled with inspiring ideas for the home including homemaking tips, interior design, recipes, decor, holiday decorating guides, and more.  Give the gift of Wilma this year!  Even better, why not buy a subscription for yourself and someone you love?

Why Wilma Is Special

You might think Wilma sounds like every other women’s publication, but it’s not!  Most magazines are filled with approximately 50% ads and 50% content, which means essentially that you’re paying for those ads when you purchase the magazine.  Wilma has NO ads and over 30 pages of original insightful content that you won’t find anywhere else.  One of the great advantages of being a Wilma subscriber is that you won’t see any of the content on Pinterest or this website–it’s for paid subscribers only.  That means you’re seeing engaging page-turning ideas that no one else can see.  Aren’t you tired of seeing the same recycled content again and again?  With Wilma, you won’t!  And because it’s a digital publication, it won’t clutter your house or take up space!  🙂

Subscription Information

To give the unique gift of Wilma magazine, you can find the subscription information here.  Luckily Wilma is only $5/month, or you can choose to pay for the whole year upfront for $60.  Both you and your friends are going to LOVE Wilma!

The Homemaker’s Guide

Finally, if you’re looking for other homemaking products, Creating Home just released two new ones–The Homemaker’s Yearly Planner and The Homemaker’s Guide – Bringing Autumn to Your Home.  Both products are available right now and can be found here.  The Homemaker’s Guide To Interior Design will be available soon, so keep checking back!

Homemaker's Yearly Planner  Homemakers Guide Bringing Autumn To Your Home  Homemaker's Guide to Interior Design

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