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Clue Halloween Mystery Dinner

Clue Halloween Mystery Dinner

For my mom’s annual Halloween party, this year my family decided to dress up as Ms. Scarlett, Mrs. White, Mrs. Peacock and Colonel Mustard.  For any of you 1980’s fans, you might remember this cult-classic movie, Clue.  We watched it a lot growing up, and my family’s always quoting movie lines from it.  Today I’m sharing with you our pictures from the Clue Halloween Mystery Dinner!


It’s always challenging coming up with costume ideas (especially for a group of people), but Clue has special meaning for us.  When my kids were traveling back and forth between their father’s house and ours, we’d spend the night at the airport hotel and watch Clue before their early flight in the morning.  For an incredibly difficult time, it was a fun distraction and took our minds off things we didn’t want to think about.  Now that all that’s behind us, it’s nice to play homage to one of our family’s favorite movies.  I’ve gathered some costume ideas for Clue characters in the widget below!

Which one of us do you think did it?  I think it was Colonel Mustard with the revolver in the kitchen!  Ha!

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Happy Halloween!

Clue Halloween Mystery Dinner

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