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Token Of Remembrance

Token of Remembrance

Token Of Remembrance

I talk a lot about my grandmother, Wilma at Creating Home, but I also have another grandmother whom I loved just as much.  Her name was Geraldine, and although she wasn’t into homemaking as much as Wilma, there are so many things I admire about her.  What I remember most about her was her love of cardinals.  When I was a teenager, I cross-stitched a cardinal one year for her as a Christmas gift.  She must have liked it because she had it displayed on her bookshelf from that moment on.  My mom gave it back to me after my grandmother died, but I put it away not knowing what to do with it.  It’s still a nice token of remembrance since she isn’t around anymore.


On Sunday night we got a big snow storm here in Utah, and it reminded me of that little cardinal cross-stitch for some reason.  I think it’s because the cardinal is sitting on a snowy branch.  Anyway, I decided to get it out of the storage bin to see if I could find a place for it in our home.  Just like it did at her house, the cardinal now proudly sits on our living room shelf as a memento from my past as well as reminder of her.  Do you have anything like that in your own home?


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Token of RemembranceToken of RemembranceToken of Remembrance



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  1. So beautiful & such a delightful way to remember your sweet grandma. I love seeing all your beautiful handwork! 💝