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Oh, The Friends You’ll Meet

Oh, The Friends You'll Meet

Oh, The Friends You’ll Meet

One of the things I didn’t realize about this business is the friends I would get to meet.  When you have a small public business that’s driven by social media, there can be quite a bit of interaction with new people.  I’ve come across some amazingly talented people who are doing incredible things, and I feel so fortunate that we’ve stumbled across each other.  I have such mixed feelings about social media, but  I realize I wouldn’t have met these people any other way.  I’m reminded of the Dr. Seuss book, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!   and instead I think, Oh, the friends you’ll meet!


One of those people is with my new sweet friend, Amy, from Kuna, Idaho.  Amy and I instantly hit it off on Instagram, and she recently sent me these adorable tea cups because she said they reminded her of me.  I’ve had two people in the last week say the same thing to me–that they saw something that reminded them of me.  It can be hard sharing yourself with strangers, but sometimes it forges relationships that you wouldn’t otherwise have.  I’m blessed to have some incredible new friendships in my life.  As Henry Drummond says, “The people who influence you are the people who believe in you.”

Tea Party Inspiration

I’m going to host another tea party so I can use these precious tea cups.  Thank you, Amy!  Last year I hosted a candy-colored inspired tea party that you can view here and here if you’re looking for inspiration.

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Oh, The Friends You'll Meet Oh, The Friends You'll Meet Oh, The Friends You'll Meet

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