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What’s Your Dream?

What's Your Dream

What’s Your Dream?

Have you ever found that the older you get, the more you finally figure out what you want in life?  For quite a few years now, Andy and I have dreamed about finding a small cabin in the mountains and living there.  Now that I’m working from home, it doesn’t matter where we live, as long as there’s year-round access so Andy can travel for work.  Plus, we’ll need to go to the grocery store occasionally!  I know that might sound extreme to some of you, but to us, it sounds like a dream life.  We have no plans of living off the grid or anything, but we love being away from everything and close to nature.  That’s our dream…..what’s your dream?

Something To Live For

This dream of ours also makes sense because Rachel will graduate from high school in a few weeks, so there’s really no reason we can’t move anymore.  Having dreams and something to work for really helps, especially if you’re struggling in any part of life.  I’ve been struggling with empty-nest syndrome and a quiet house as all the kids are gone starting their new lives.  We love living in our little farmhouse, but we’re now looking towards the next step in our future.  It could be a year from now or ten years from now, but it’s something to work for, dream about, and plan.  In our spare time, we like to look at available cabins that are tucked away and hidden from the busyness of life.  Until it happens, it’s fun to dream about.

The Turnaround House

You can read about our little 100 year old farmhouse that we’ve affectionately named The Turnaround House here, here, and here.

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  1. Hi Wilma – Have you ever found that the older you get, the more you finally figure out what you want in life?

    I read something recently that basically went like this “You don’t really have your head together until your 40s, just in time for your body to start falling apart.”

    I think society is changing in how people view what’s truly important in life,and for a lot of people that now seems to be a simple lifestyle. Simple abundance where you’re working to live instead of the other way around.

    And yes, I could definitely see myself living in a log cabin 🙂