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Homesteading In The Wild West

Homesteading in the Wild West

Homesteading In The Wild West

Homesteading has long been a part of America’s past, especially during the pioneer years.  With 270 million acres up for grabs in unsettled territory, thousands of eager men and women were ready to try their luck with homesteading.  Every head of household could claim 160 acres.  That meant homesteaders finally had the opportunity to create the new life they’d been dreaming about.   With hard work and lots of perseverance, the pioneer spirit prevailed.  The July issue of Wilma Magazine covers the trek West; pioneer homes; housekeeping on the prairie; homestead gardens; and the pioneer heritage.  This issue is all about homesteading in the wild West!

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Wilma Magazine was named after my grandmother and reflects a wholesome simpler time featuring articles on homemaking, interior design, and living beautifully.  Each issue of Wilma Magazine is unique and reflects the season.  It’s full of inspiration, meaning, and beauty.  There are two options for subscriptions (both print and digital copies), and you can find more information here.  Finally, if you’ve missed out on any of the past 12 issues, you can find previous issues here.

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