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Hand-Me Downs

Hand Me Downs

Hand-Me Downs

I mentioned earlier that I went to my parents’ house this past weekend because all my family’s in town for a mini family-reunion.  My parents have been de-cluttering their house and decided to pass on some of my grandparents’ quilts.  My brother and sisters and I each got one, and this is the one I received.  It’s called a camp quilt or picnic quilt, and I used this exact quilt as inspiration to make my own.  You can find it in the June 2017 issue of Wilma Magazine.  These hand-me down quilts are meaningful and sentimental because our grandparents aren’t around anymore.

This quilt was made of old men’s suiting and is very worn and used.  You can see that it’s been patched in many places, but there are still some holes in it.  I’d love to use it but am afraid because of more damage.  Are any of you quilters out there?  I’d love to know if there’s anyway to repair it so I can use it again.

Thanks for your help!

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Hand Me Downs Hand Me Downs Hand Me Downs Hand Me Downs Hand Me Downs

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  1. I had some quilts from my grandmother. I used
    Them and they fell to peices.I wish I had just kept them. They we quilted in the style of Durham QUilting. DurhaM is in the North East of England.