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Discovering My Inner Dane

Discovering My Inner Dane

A few months ago, I did the DNA test where I learned more about my health history and ancestry.  It’s a process that takes a few weeks, but it’s well worth it!  A kit comes in the mail with a test tube and instructions.  All you have to do is provide a saliva sample to get the ancestry and health reports.  After you send it back to them, they email the results in a few weeks.  Because my family is big into genealogy, I had a pretty good idea of where my ancestors come from, but it was nice to have a confirmation.  What’s also fun is that the test results can tell you how many generations ago an ancestor came from the the country of your heritage.  Ever since I got my results back, I’ve been discovering my inner Dane since my heritage is predominantly Danish with some English as well.

I must admit that I don’t know a lot about Denmark, but I’m having fun learning.  I purchased a few books about Denmark, the Danish culture, and one on its philosophies.  As I’m learning, Denmark is the happiest county in the world.  They must be doing something right, so  I’m determined to learn as much as I can!

Have you done this test yet?  I’d love to know how the results affected you…I think it’s absolutely fascinating!  If you’d like to discover more about yourself (such as where you come from and your genetic health history), I’ve linked the DNA kit that I used in the widget below.  This particular kit is for two people, so you and your significant other can both find out together.

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