My Story

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My Story

My name is Charee, and I want to share a little bit about my story so we can get to know each other better.  First off, I’m a wife and mother, and these roles are very important to me.  I guess you could say I’m part of a modern family–I have three daughters; my husband has a a son and a daughter; together we have a dog; and now we are the Hansen family!  We recently moved into a 100 year old farmhouse in Bountiful, Utah that is only 1900 square feet.  We are having so much fun living on a smaller scale and fixing up this cute little house.  We’ve affectionately named it The Turnaround House because when it was built in 1922, the front was the back and the back was the front.

I have degrees in Humanities as well as Interior Design and consider myself a true creative!

My Mission

I’ve had a lot of positive women role models in my life who have been homemakers, including my mother and my grandmothers.  It’s from them that I get my love of home.  They’ve been great examples of women who take pride in creating home, and it’s in their honor that I write this blog.

This lifestyle blog features daily inspiration of interior design, homemaking, home decor, and products I’d recommend for your home.  I’ll also be sharing my own personal experiences remodeling The Turnaround House.

My goal for this blog is to provide inspiration for you to create joy and beauty everyday at home.

I believe that every home tells a story, and I want to inspire your story!

Why This Blog’s For You

If you’re looking for a place where you’ll always be welcome; where you’ll be missed if you don’t stop by, then Creating Home is for you! Creating Home is unique because it provides insightful creativity to help make your life better.  This is your place!

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  1. Just WOuld LIKe to follow I have a very organized house and decorated but like to follow others for ideas. friends are always telling me i should start a business

    1. I’m so great you are following along, Diane! I’d love to hear more about you and your beautiful home!!