Brigham City Temple

BC Temple 1

Brigham City Temple

This post is part of a series on temples in Northern Utah.  You can see about others here and here.

The Brigham City Temple is located in northern Utah about an hour from the Idaho border and was completed in the Fall of 2012.  It sits conveniently across the street from the historic Tabernacle, which was built in 1890s, and was the religious symbol for the community until the temple was built.

The Brigham City Temple is very similar in appearance to the Salt Lake Temple and the Manti Temple, yet like all temples, the architecture and design are specific to each area where they are located.  Brigham City is well-known for its production of peach crops, so there is a peach blossom motif throughout the windows, furniture and the exterior of the temple.  The round second floor windows also have art glass of peach blossoms.  There are twenty-six fruit trees on the temple site, paying homage to the fruit production in Brigham City.

The temple sits on 3.14 acres and is constructed using precast concrete.  Local stone from Weber Canyon was used for walls around site.  On the interior of the temple, the wood trim is hand-carved hard rock maple; Stone floor tiles are imported from Turkey.

You can visit the Brigham City Temple website for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints here.

FFKR Architects in Salt Lake City designed the temple.  You can visit their website here.


Here are some images I took of the beautiful temple and its grounds:

BC Temple 2 BC Temple 3 BC Temple 4 BC Temple 5 BC Temple 6 BC Temple 7 BC Temple 8 BC Temple 9 BC Temple 10 BC Temple 11 BC Temple 12 BC Temple 13 BC Temple 14 BC Temple 15 BC Temple 16 BC Temple 17 BC Temple 18 BC Temple 19 BC Temple 20 BC Temple 21 BC Temple 22 BC Temple 23 BC Temple 24 BC Temple 25 BC Temple 26 BC Temple 27 BC Temple 28 BC Temple 29 BC Temple 30 BC Temple 31 BC Temple 32 BC Temple 33 BC Temple 34 BC Temple 35






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