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Harvest Barn Party

Harvest Barn Party

Harvest Barn Party

My dad retired about a year ago, and his retirement project has been to build a barn for himself, something he has wanted to do his whole life.  This weekend we are celebrating its completion, and family and friends from all over the country will be there.

As we are making preparations for food and decorations, I stumbled across a few inspirational images to help inspire!

My sister-in-law, Solviej, made the cute invitations:

Barn Party Invitation

fall-barn-cmn fall-barn-wv 1d2c6c667c05fd9f315bce65677ba2bd5909a975fa272677ef49a9adf6a50ed8 70967efb9c4f7911f038329637e1edc1 aa163f31f566aeeec79590872dff4348 artsy-vintage-fairytale-forest-weddings3 barn_party_wedding barn_wedding barn-428x285 Barn-Wedding-Decorating-Ideas bohemian-barn-wedding-sophisticated-garden-party-019 cookie-cutter-pumpkins ec2df5471bfc18388ffef9cce7f081b0 ee93e26c6247be88cfdbc8d62f27a5c2 LB15342 Harvest-Barnjpg halloween-decor2 bohemian-barn-wedding-sophisticated-garden-party-018

Looks like fun, doesn’t it?




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  1. Those are such fun pictures of barns and all the decorations! How exciting! You should’ve put a picture of dads barn on here! Are we putting up lights and stuff?