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Style: "Mad Men"

Mad Inspiration

I’ve been designing an upscale condominium complex for Ogden, Utah called The 21 Club, and a lot of my inspiration has come from the show Mad Men.  Design is so interesting because it’s very personal, and it’s easy to be influenced by whatever is significant or important in your life at the time.  Because I’ve been binge-watching Mad Men, 50’s glamour has been on my conscious and subconscious mind, and The 21 Club is a reflection of that.

When I was thinking about the design of the 21, I knew I wanted to incorporate some design elements that were used during that time, but I didn’t want the design to scream 1950’s–I wanted it to be a subtle nod to the time period.

I’m excited to show you my design when it’s finished, but until then, I’ll share some of my inspiration.

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