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Function versus Style


Function Versus Style

Thank you for all the sweet comments and support we’ve gotten about our new home! My readers have become an extension of my family, so I love to hear from all of you!

Andy and I have started the hunt for furniture for our new house and are trying to make a list of what we need first in order of importance (since we need everything and can’t get everything all at once).

I think we’ve narrowed it down to storage items first (chest of drawers, hutch, nightstands, etc.), but the real challenge is going to be furniture that we sit on.   As Andy says,  it’s going to be a battle of style versus function.  Function is more important to him, and style is more important to me.

Not only is he more than a foot taller than me (he stands at 6′-5″, while I am 5′-4″), but he also has an old football injury that gives him back pain. Obviously, comfort is paramount for him, and it’s my job as a designer to find stylish pieces that are both functional and comfortable as well.

Another challenge is the small dimensions in our house.  Since it’s an old farmhouse about 100 years old, all the rooms are small so I’ve got to find smaller-scaled pieces of furniture.

It should be a fun challenge for me!  I’ll keep you updated….




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