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Tijuana Temple

Tijuana Temple

Tijuana Temple

Everyday I feel so fortunate to work where I do and with the people that I learn so much from. I have the great privilege of working with the architect and the draftsman who were so instrumental in the design on the LDS Temple in Tijuana Temple.   The Temple is finally finished with construction and is open to public tours now and going until Saturday, November 28.  Bryan, our draftsman, flew down a couple days ago to tour it privately before it opens to the public.

Whether you are a member of the Church or not, you have to admit that the architecture and design of the temple is absolutely incredible and lovely to look at.  I love how each temple is unique to its surroundings and reflects the culture and influence of the people whom it will serve.


The following pictures are taken from the Church website.  If you want to learn more, you can click here.

Tijuana_Temple_Baptistry2015 Tijuana_Temple_Celestial_room2015 Tijuana_Temple_detailed_work2015 Tijuana_Temple_Instruction_room2015 Tijuana_Temple_Sealing_room2015 Tijuana_Temple_staircase2015 Tijuana-Temple-balcony-detail-2015 Tijuana-Temple-Brides-Room1-2015 Tijuana-Temple-Celestial-room2-2015 Tijuana-Temple-chair-detail2015 Tijuana-Temple-courtyard-fountain2015 Tijuana-Temple-exterior1-2015 Tijuana-Temple-exterior-arches2015 Tijuana-Temple-exterior-detail2015 Tijuana-Temple-exterior-window-detail-2015 Tijuana-Temple-Main-entrance1-2015 Tijuana-Temple-main-entrance-2015Tijuana_Temple2_2015




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  1. It is such a beautiful Temple and I agree, the architecture and the interior is absolutely breathtaking. You are with a wonderful group and I know how you got there. Love you so much Charee!