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{Homekeeping}: Spring Edition

{Homekeeping}: Spring Edition

This is a follow-up blog post to the {homekeeping}: Winter edition that you can read here. Now that spring is almost here, all I want to do is clean my house from top to bottom and get it ready for warm weather with open windows and fresh air.

We have a real wood burning fireplace that we use every day in the winter, and as much as I love it during the cold months, it makes our house really dirty. I’m ready to put away all the winter decor and tools and lighten the house.

The following is a check-list I like to use to get my home spring-ready:

Wash Windows

-Cleaning windows and gutters is a good idea. The Window Cleaning People will be able to assist you if necessary. Cleaning windows in the spring is especially important after the fall leaves and twigs and snow from the winter. And the view outside is especially beautiful, and you will want to see it through your sparkly clean windows. Thank goodness for my trusted robot window cleaner!


Clean Blinds/Shutters/Window Treatments

-In the wintertime, we tend to hibernate and cocoon ourselves in our homes, but in the spring time and summer, we do just the opposite. We want to open windows and doors, so now is a good time to clean the window treatments we have.


Change bed linens

-After all the layering of heavy blankets in the winter, it’s time to take all of them off and store them away until Fall. Spring time calls for fresh light-weight bedding and throws.


Deep clean carpets and rugs

-Spring is a great time to deep clean rugs and carpets. There is nothing better than the satisfying feeling of a thoroughly clean house–especially the floors that we walk on. With this being said, if feel like you need to switch up the rugs in your home, maybe for a change or they don’t look as fresh as they used to, it may be in your best interest to look into sites like for inspiration.


Organize closets and rotate

-If you are like me, you have to rotate clothing each season because of small closets. I have big gray plastic bins that I store out of season clothing in and keep them in the basement.


Wipe down walls and baseboards

-Lots of dust and debris from candle and fire residue build up in homes, so spring time is a great time to wipe down walls and baseboards.


Throw pillows and blankets

-Are you the type of person to change your accessories with every season? A lot of people like to at least change out throw pillows and blankets.


Clean light fixtures and ceiling fans

-I like to intersperse my spring cleaning with fun elements as well. Dusting light fixtures and ceiling fans is a necessity but not very fun. If I break it up with updating throw pillows with fun fresh colors, it makes it easier because I can reward myself.


Display Fresh Flowers

-This one is self-explanatory. With glorious spring finally upon us, why not display beautiful fresh flowers in your home! You survived the long cold winter and deserve some bright cheery color!


What do you do to get your house ready for Spring?

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