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Spirit Animal

What is your spirit animal?

Spirit Animal

We had to cut our trip short from Yellowstone by a couple of days because our neighbors discovered flooding in our basement.  One of the sprinkler pipes had burst, and we had about 5″ of water down there.  Luckily we have great neighbors who got everything out of the basement and ripped out carpet and started running fans before we could get home. We’ve had to throw away a lot of stuff and are trying to salvage the rest.  I had all my childhood pictures and genealogy down there and Andy stored all his guns there as well. The insurance company doesn’t want to cover it, but we are going to fight it.

With my car accident that happened right before our trip, we seriously considered not going to Yellowstone, but it was the first time my family was all going to be there in a long time.  My dad’s health is not great and we didn’t know if this was going to be our last trip together, so I’m glad we went.  We were able to celebrate Emily’s 18th birthday there and make some great memories.

While were in Yellowstone, I realized how theraputic it is being out in nature.  There is hardly any service there so it is a great time to unplug and do a lot of thinking.  I feel like I’ve had so many trials and challenges lately that I’ve decided my spirit animal must be the phoenix because I am constantly having to rise from the ashes and start over.

Snaps From Yellowstone

Here are some picture highlights from the trip:

IMG_6832 IMG_6816 IMG_8753 IMG_8819 IMG_8864 IMG_1186 IMG_1292 IMG_8945 IMG_8991 IMG_8990 IMG_9014 IMG_9025 IMG_9027 IMG_9031,


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  1. Just keep rising up and hold on! So sorry for all that you have had to go through! You will make it! Your family loves you! So glad you have each other!