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Armchair Traveler to Switzerland


Armchair Traveler To Switzerland

I had the chance to go to Switzerland a few years ago on a study abroad trip, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Ever since I was younger, I’ve always been in love with Switzerland (I have no idea why), and it was the first country I ever visited in Europe. I plan to go back to Switzerland soon, staying in Lausanne and then heading to Geneva; there are some fantastic Hotels in Geneva that I’m looking forward to staying in!

As much as I love the country, I love the architecture even more. The Swiss chalet style is the most popular and common type of architecture in Switzerland. It gained awareness when wealthy landowners were impressed by the simple way people were living in these mountain homes.

Architectural Style

If you would like to incorporate some of the characteristics of the Swiss chalet style, they include:

Gabled roofs made of slate with wide eaves
Exposed construction beams
Large brackets
Decorative moldings
Clapboard (wooden siding of a building)
Large windows
Balconies with flower boxes

Snaps From My Trip

I’m sharing some of my pictures from my trip there:



Here is a brief takeaway of the Swiss Architectural style: At home in Switzerland



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