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How Art Can Renew Your Spirit

“The better the art, the more it renews and helps us find renewal.”–Al Young

How Art Can Renew Your Spirit

Did you know that long before the Electronics Age, painters and artists wanted to create works of art that gave the viewers an intense experience with emotional reactions that activated the senses?  Today we have movies and games that do the same thing, but there’s nothing quite like art to affect the human brain and soul.  Whether participating in or observing art, it has the unique ability to be able to contribute to your well-being, help with self-expression, and connect you with a people or culture you might not know anything about.  It even has the power to provide spiritual experiences.

Art In Our Homes

Since art has such a profound effect on people, wouldn’t it make sense to have art in the place where we spend the most time–our homes?  Art is such a personal choice, but everyone benefits from having it in our daily lives.

You don’t need museum-quality pieces hanging in your home to have art.  We just finished creating a gallery wall in our home and it’s filled with a mixture of sketches, watercolor drawings, postcards and prints.  I even have a framed cross-stitch of a Renoir painting I did once.  The whole point of art is to elevate life and provide joy in the everyday.

What kind of art do you have in your home?


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