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Introducing Fall To Your Home


Fall Decorating

Introducing Fall To Your Home

I grew up in a home where every holiday was celebrated in a big way, whether it was through decorations or parties.  All of my siblings have followed in my mom’s footsteps with seasonal decorating, but each of us does it in our own individual way.

As my life has downsized, so too has my holiday decorating style.  I’m naturally a minimalist, but since I now live in a small farmhouse where space is limited, I have to be especially selective in what I choose.  I tend to prefer natural decorations–especially when it’s not for holiday decorating but for seasonal decorating.

Starting right after the Labor Day weekend, I like to subtly start preparing for Fall in my home with layers and textures.  I bring out candles that have been in storage.  I get out my faux fur throws for when the evenings get cooler.  I gather branches, berries, leaves and gourds from walks and try to display them in the house with pewter and wood.

I would love to hear about what you do for the change of seasons!  Below are some of my favorite products to display during this transitional time.

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  faux-fur-pillow-cover-gray-ombre-c  993434_026_b

Luciano Pewter Pitcher by Match Pewter
Juliska Pewter Round Pitcher
Rachael Ray Cucina Pantryware 14-Inch x 11-Inch Wood Cutting Board with Handle
Square Medium Wood Trivet
Candle Charisma Elegant 10 Inch Tall Taper Candles Ivory Set of 12
Grey Faux Fur Throw
Boulangerie Pumpkin Souffle Candle

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