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Happy Thanksgiving From My Family To Yours!


Happy Thanksgiving From My Family To Yours

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday because it’s not greedy or materialistic.  It’s a month of gratitude, appreciation, and seasonal changes–in essence, it’s a month of beautiful simplicity.

Today I am sharing with you my Thanksgiving table.  There were a few minor changes from what I was originally planning on doing, but for the most part, it was the same look that I posted here.

I used a fresh evergreen and eucalyptus garland with a Cinderella pumpkin for a centerpiece.  I gathered some fallen yellow leaves from my yard and tucked them into the garland with some pheasant feathers for color.  At the last minute I decided to switch from pewter charges to these woven Hyacinth chargers instead because I liked the texture better.  Spode Delamere dinnerplates and Kate Spade Malmo gold flatware add a nice touch of brown and gold to complete the autumnal palette.

This year I am so thankful for so many things….my family, my home, my job, and for you–the loyal readers of my blog!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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