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Transferware for Thanksgiving

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“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”–Virginia Woolfe, A Room of One’s Own

Transferware For Thanksgiving

Now that the election is over and Thanksgiving is two short weeks away, I am constantly thinking about how I want to set the table for the big holiday.  I am especially fond of brown transferware in the Fall, like so many people are, and I plan on using it on my Thanksgiving table.

Transferware is unique because of the way the pattern is applied to the ceramic.  Called transferred printing, the pattern is transferred from an engraved copper plate onto paper which then transfers the ink to the dish.  The pattern is set when the ceramic is fired in a low temperature kiln.  The process was originally developed in Staffordshire, England with the pottery becoming increasingly popular all over the world.

You can collect Transferware based on things like pottery, subject, pattern, color, and borders.  Ultimately, they are timeless and beautiful for special family gatherings.  And I especially love the brown Transferware for the big day!

What are you planning on using to set your table for Thanksgiving?








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