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Christmas at The Turnaround House


Christmas At The Turnaround House

Each year I like to do a tour of my home during the holidays.  I had such good intentions of posting one photo for 12 days leading up to Christmas, but my book deadline took precedence.   Now you’ll be able to to enjoy the pictures all at once.  I’m so excited to share with you Christmas at The Turnaround House!

Scandinavian Influence

My farmhouse is 100 years old and is affectionately named The Turnaround House because the front used to be the back and the back used to be the front when it was built in 1926.  The theme for Christmas 2016 is old world European with touches of Scandinavia, German, and Poland.  My ancestry is Danish so the Scandinavian influence is always present.  You can see it in the white linens with the red stripe as well as the candle sconces in the doorway.  The German and Polish influence comes with the European glass ornaments hanging on the Christmas tree.

Previous Christmas Tour

If you want to see a previous Christmas tour of my home, you can click here for 2015.

Christmas At Your Home

How are you decorating for Christmas this year?  I would love to see how you’re decorating your home for the holidays as well.

christmas-day-1-at-the-turnaround-housechristmas-day-2-at-the-turnaround-house christmas-day-3-at-the-turnaround-house christmas-day-4-at-the-turnaround-house christmas-day-5-at-the-turnaround-house christmas-day-6-at-the-turnaround-house christmas-day-7-at-the-turnaround-house christmas-day-8-at-the-turnaround-house christmas-day-9-at-the-turnaround-house christmas-day-10-at-the-turnaround-house christmas-day-11-at-the-turnaround-housechristmas-day-12-at-the-turnaround-house



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