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Dreaming of a Snow Lodge


Dreaming Of A Snow Lodge

Have you ever had an ongoing dream that you think about so much that one day you just assume it will come true?  That’s what’s happening with one of my goals.  I’m constantly dreaming of a snow lodge.  The mood board above captures my ongoing dream that will hopefully one day become a reality.

Dreams Become Reality

Andy and I have a dream of one day owning a cabin in the mountains.  We talk about how fun it would be in the winter if we could take snowmobiles with all of our supplies and stay there over the Christmas holidays.  We wouldn’t even care if the cabin had electricity because we would have a wood burning fireplace and candles everywhere.  It’s a romantic dream, and one day it might come true.  Until then, we both keep dreaming and pinning…

Keep Dreaming

Dreams often become reality, so it’s important to keep dreaming, planning and, working toward that dream.  There’s a great quote by Eleanor Roosevelt that says “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  Make sure to keep dreaming!

What kind of ongoing dream do you have?


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