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Interior Design School Handbook


Interior Design School Handbook

When I was in design school, I was pretty overwhelmed by the amount of information available on how to become an interior designer. To me, what was especially frustrating was not being able to find information in one place. Google searches helped a little bit, but I wanted to find one book or one website that had everything a potential designer would want to know. That’s when the idea came to me about writing a book. So You Want To Be An Interior Designer: Interior Design School Handbook is the perfect book for anyone wanting to become a designer. One of my favorite tips to homeowners is to not ignore the exterior of the house; there are plenty of solutions to improve the look of it such as Architectural Fibreglass Mouldings.

Why This Book?

I spent almost three years writing The Interior Design school Handbook and it contains over 300 pages of useful information. Some of the Chapters include:

Interior Design Overview
The First Decorators
Self-Taught versus Formally Educated Interior Designer
Applying to Interior Design Programs
Example of Program Application
Interior Design Classes
Interior Design Program Supplies
CIDA Accredited Schols
Finding Your First Job

Get Your Copy

If you are serious about becoming an interior designer, you’ll want this book! You can get your copy of So You Want To Be An Interior Designer: Interior Design School Handbook at Amazon.

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